Friday, August 8, 2014

Cute, Good Quality, & Inexpensive... What more do you want?!

To start off I must admit that I may be developing an online shopping problem. But I'm going to share my favorite place to blow all my money! Lulu's. Many of you may have heard of it or seen its adds before but it is the greatest thing. They have tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and my favorite, dresses. I love the clothes on Lulu's but the reasons why I love it so much are the prices and how easy it is to use.

While their prices do range from $20 to $200 most dresses are $30 to $50 and are very good quality. They have trendy shoes that are really good deals. Also their inventory is massive. There's so much to choose from.

It is so easy to navigate their site. I get very frustrated with similar store's website (Forever 21 for example) because its so poorly organized, the categories are too broad or their clothes don't fit into the categories. Lulu's categorizes a bunch of different ways, for example if you were looking for a green formal dress or a short color blocked dress, you can find it so easily rather than having to scroll through hundreds of dresses that aren't what you're looking for. There are reviews from others who bought the dress that I've found very helpful. Also, the measurements are clearly listed which is necessary for me since I'm so tall (some dresses fit me like shirts).

Use if for Game Day dresses!

Here are some of my fave dresses from Lulus for under $50!