Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Do's and Don'ts of College Facebook Pages

I thought I'd start off by talking about joing the College Class of ______ Facebook pages since everyone is gettig their acceptances and joining them. These pages can be really helpful especially if you are coming from out state and don't know alot of people at the school. Alot of people use it to find roommates and ask questions, but it can get really annoying. 
I've composed a few guidelines for using and judgeing the facebook page:

1. Do NOT under any circumstance be that girl who posts and comments on everything! 
Post once or twice and answer comment if you have something different to say. There is no need to chime in to every converstation. It can look kind of desperate and no one wants that!

2. Don't give them your whole life story in a post, it gets lenghty and a tad awkward!
 Keep it simple, where your from, hobbies, what dorm you want to live in,  etc. Look at other people's posts in the group and follow their format.

3. It's gonna feel awkward but its okay to add people! 
It may feel a little weird to add complete strangers and start messaging them, but if you don't want a roommate you may have to! If you post in the group other people will add you most likely so go ahead and accept! If you read posts from other girls who seem cool go ahead and add them! Everyone is in the same boat so there is no shame in adding a few people!

4. Don't judge the school based on their facebook page!
If you've been accepted into a school and you look at the facebook page and dont seem to have alot in common with the other people don't freak! Especially if you've been accepted early, half of the class doesnt even know if they've gotten in yet. And sometimes the kinda weird kids are the first to post! You can find a groups of people like you at any school so dont write it off cause of the facebook page!

5. Ask Questions!
What do you do when you have questions about the school that the college website doesn't really answer, ex. Can we loft the beds? Is the surrounding area ghetto? How cold does it get in the winter? Go ahead and ask in the group, someone is bound to have the answer and it could really help you prepare better for the fall!

Post 1: Hello World!

Throughout my preperation for college and entering I found that there was lots of different information and sources that were all targeted towards preparing students for college. I scrolled through Pintrest for hours and read numerous articles, but I got annoyed as I sorted through all these things finding that most of the information are irrelevent to me! Then I had the bright idea to condense the good stuff and some of my own thoughts, and well here it is! I am so excited to hopefully share some good ideas and hopefully receive some in return!

I plan for the Blog to contain tips, fashion, DIY projects, and whatever else I think may be helpful!