Monday, September 29, 2014

Tap Water..... Yuck

Let's just face it, Tap Water kinda sucks. Like me, you're probably used to having you're water filtered. In a dorm you probably don't have that luxury & as you already know its essential to keep hydrated especially when you're stressed & not getting good sleep (aka all of college). But do not fear! There are ways to avoid Tap Water that won't require lot of money or space!

  1. Get a Britta (or Knock- off Brand) Pitcher - This is probably the easiest solution, they aren't that expensive and they make tap water taste like it's from a bottle. Get here!
  2. Bring a Pitcher & Fill it up from the water fountain
  3. Get water flavorers - Whether its Crystal Light or the store brand, they make some awesome flavors that make you're water taste amazing. This is also a great space saver and healthy alternative to have soda or juice in you dorm room! I'm currently obsessed with Mio Cherry Blackberry Water Enhancer
  4. Fill up your water bottle in the dinning halls - Some schools have rules about this (break them anyway) but try to fill up your water bottle with water every time you eat in the dinning hall so that during class or in you're room you'll have water!