Monday, February 24, 2014

Mad for Hats

Baseball Caps are becoming a college staple. Before you go to college make sure you get yourself a cute baseball cap. They're perfect for those days when your hair just isn't working and can look really cute with a pony tail tucked in the back! You'll wear it from spring to fall and look perfectly casual the whole time! Here are a few of my picks for the perfect baseball cap:

I'm so in love with vinyard vines! Their hats are a preppy classic and come in so many cute colors! They are only $20-28, which is do able on a college budget! You'll wear it a ton I promise! Order Here

This Ralph Lauren Hat is super simple and cute. Whats awesome about this hat is you can personalize the color and monogram the back of it! It's easy to get it in your school colors! Order Here
This Nike Cap is awesome for a more active look! It would look great with a big sweatshirt and some running shorts or is perfect for an afternoon jog! Plus I love this bright color! Order Here

Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Things That Could Save Your Life

College Campus are usually very safe and universities try really hard to keep it that way but sometimes things can get a little sketchy. There are few things you can do to make sure you are able to protect yourself if you are in a situation where you must!

1. Be Smart 
On all college campuses there are certain places where you shouldn't go to past midnight, be aware of this. Don't be out alone or with just another girl, take a guy or a bigger group. Have a general idea of where the emergency push buttons are.

2. Know the Campus Police & other service #
Have these numbers programed into your phone so that you can call if you need to. Also be aware of what safety programs your school offers, some offer rides home after a certain times. Take advantage of these if you need to.

3. Take a Self Dense Class
These usually get a bad rep but they're actually really informative and can be really fun. So grab a couple friends sign up for one. Some schools offer free ones in the beginning of the year.At mine I learned that Biting and Pinching can be very effective.

4. Key Knife
This little tool is a really clever way to protect yourself. It is a small knife disguised as a key. They aren't expensive and it goes right on your key chain. You can buy one here.

5. Pepper Spray
A simple thing that every college girl should own. My Dad got me a pink one for valentines day (feelin' the love, Dad). It fits on a key chain or in your purse, play it safe and get one. Remember you can't take it on a plane!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Perfect College Planner (and they're not expensive!)

Like most girls, I'd be lost without my planner, I shutter even imagining the chaos that my life would fall in to. But planners (especially cute ones) can be really pricey. That's why I was so excited with I found the cutest customizable planners on Etsy for an amazing price! You can find them here and I strongly recommend them! 

Drawer Liners

College furniture can not only look dingy but also smell like its been used by hundreds of girls. Most colleges do a pretty good job of cleaning them up but extra touches never hurt. Before recently I thought of drawer liners as being something for grand mothers but they are actually really useful. They make the inside of your drawer look nicer while making your clothes smell really good. They can come in really cute and modern patterns, such as Hammocks & High Tea's collections (a little pricey but worth it!) or if those are a little out of your budget you can always make them yourself (directions here)

Hammock & High Tea Drawer Liner

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Southern Shirt Company

The Southern Shirt Company Jersey Pullovers are adorable and super trendy if you're attending a college in the south. Plus they are super comfy so you'll never want to take it off. They are $52.00 and can be bought here.
When it comes to sizing they can be a  little tricky  because these pullovers can be worn so many different ways. Here's a fit guide to show you how the different sizes fit so that you can pick the best size for you! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Soroity Letters

A short post to show you the sorority alphabet and their pronouncations. Don't be the girl who doesn't pronounce the names correctly! Study up before college!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Style

In honor of all this crazy winter weather we've been having here are some winter outfits I put together that are perfect for facing the elements! Just because its snowing doesn't mean you have to look bad!

A casual and preppy look perfect for class. I would reccomend fleece lined leggings (they're my fave!) Also I'm obsessed with this monogrammed scarf! Also the Bean Boots pairs with cozy socks and leggings are a classic!

This oufit is a little less casual and would be great for going out to dinner on a snowy night! The Hunter Rain Boots and the Welly Socks are great for rain and snow. Also I love the trench coat! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bean Boot Time

With all this crazy weather we've been having its definitely time to break out the Bean Boots! They will be a college go to, so put them on your college prep list now. They come in 4 different sizes, Moccassins, Gumshoes, 6", & 8". The 6" are my personal favorite because I find that the place they hit on my ankle is comfer than where the 8" hit. They are really cute but good for different things and it can be a little difficult to choose the right style for you! So here the Bean Boot break down:

Source: The College Prepster

The Moccassins come in multiple color combinations. The Gum Shoes are a good medium between mocs and 6", but I've never actually seen anyone wear them. My favorite is the 6" because they fall in the perfect place on my ankle, and look good with socks and leggings as well with skinny jeans tucked in. The 6" and 8" are good for harsh weather such as rain, snow, and ice. The 8" are nice cause they are real boots and have become really popular on college campuses.

Speaking of socks, here are the perfect socks to be worn with bean boots! Think socks are great for bean boots because not only do they keep your toes warm but also add a pop of color or a pattern that adds interest. These are also good bean boot socks you can order online (and they're cheap!): here & here