Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Things That Could Save Your Life

College Campus are usually very safe and universities try really hard to keep it that way but sometimes things can get a little sketchy. There are few things you can do to make sure you are able to protect yourself if you are in a situation where you must!

1. Be Smart 
On all college campuses there are certain places where you shouldn't go to past midnight, be aware of this. Don't be out alone or with just another girl, take a guy or a bigger group. Have a general idea of where the emergency push buttons are.

2. Know the Campus Police & other service #
Have these numbers programed into your phone so that you can call if you need to. Also be aware of what safety programs your school offers, some offer rides home after a certain times. Take advantage of these if you need to.

3. Take a Self Dense Class
These usually get a bad rep but they're actually really informative and can be really fun. So grab a couple friends sign up for one. Some schools offer free ones in the beginning of the year.At mine I learned that Biting and Pinching can be very effective.

4. Key Knife
This little tool is a really clever way to protect yourself. It is a small knife disguised as a key. They aren't expensive and it goes right on your key chain. You can buy one here.

5. Pepper Spray
A simple thing that every college girl should own. My Dad got me a pink one for valentines day (feelin' the love, Dad). It fits on a key chain or in your purse, play it safe and get one. Remember you can't take it on a plane!