Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stock-Up On.....

There are hundreds of dorm room checklists out there (personal fave) but they can leave out some things that your going to want to stock up on. Things you don't even think about because your mom probably buys it or you may just think it appears out of the blue!

1. Underwear and Socks
This may seem a bit odd but think about for a second. Our mom probably does laundry once a week, in college when your doing your laundry (or waiting to bring it home so your mom can) it probably isn't getting done once a week. While you can get away with wearing your jeans a couple times before washing them I really hope you dont do that with underwear and socks.  Stock-up on them now before your doing that midnight load of laundry cause you've run out!

2. Extra Contacts & Solution
I'm really bad at this. My mom still orders my contacts. But before you leave for college make sure you've brought as many boxes of your contacts as you can! Its really easy to forget about these cause you don't change them every day! Also bring extra solution so you dont have to buy more in 2 weeks!

3. Medicine/First Aid Kit
You don't have to turn your room into the Red Cross but you'll be thankful you have some Advil when you get a head ache or have a bandaid for that paper cut! Also buy the store brand medicine its cheaper and is the exact same!

4. Phone Chargers
Buy an extra just in case! They fray and get lost easily.

5. Pens & Pencils
College is still school! It's better to buy a pack in the beginning of the year then replace them if you ru out!