Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Online Shopping Obsession: Jane

Like many of you, I'm obsessed with Etsy, I could spend hours (& thousands) on there! But I've recently come across another online shopping website that basically combines all the good stuff off of Etsy & puts in to on sale! It's called Jane & it is amazing! It has everything from party ballons to clothes to home decor. But the deals are only available for a limited time so you have to check in often. You need to check it out & follow them on Pinterest! 

Notebook & Book Organization

Since School us offically out for the summer its time to start planning for your dorm/apartment next year! You'll have lots of books & notebooks that can cause clutter and take up a lot of space in you room. Finding a organized (& cute) way to store all your books & notebooks will really help you save some space in your room. I love this idea of using file holders for each of your classes. They aren't that expensive and can be bought at Target or any office supply store. You can always get plan one and decorate them yourself with patterned paper and paint.