Friday, August 29, 2014

Easy 8 A.M Class Hair

Good hair days can be rare in college, especially when you have 8 A.M classes! But no fear, there are ways to have decent (maybe even good hair) for 8 A.Ms and they're really easy!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Etsy Find

Etsy provides so many ways to buy cute dorm decor or inspiration for your own dorm decor DIY. The most recent Etsy find that I'm gushing over is this jewelry holder by TheHopeStack. It's so cute and can be personalized to match your dorm colors. I've recently been struggling to find a way to store all my jewelry and I love that this can hold it all!

It is $59.50 & can be bought here!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Flag your Strategy

Use Flag your Strategy for reading comprehension! It helps make sure you truly understand the material & it is super simple!
Just copy this into the front of your notebook!

4 Easy Dorm Organization Steps

Let's face the facts: Dorms are small. Most girls are cramming a lot into a small space. It won't be that  difficult to fit it all in there but it can be hard keeping it all organized. Here are a few easy ways to stay organized.

1. Get a Bedside Cady - You may think they're pointless but they actually can hold a lot depending on which one you get. They're awesome to replace a bedside table if you don't have the space to have one. This one is from Amazon & you can get it here. But I got mine from Kohls for $9.99 (& it was chevron!)

2. Use your Closet - Some dorms have like no closet space which is awful and I'll try to write another post about that. But most dorms have about a 3 foot closet which is a good amount of space. Take advantage of your closet space by using it to also store jewelry and accessories. I use a variation of both of these products and I love them. The hanging jewelry organizer is perfect for my earrings, rings, and bracelets. It hangs flat which is great. The picture below's pockets don't zip but the one I have does and I've found that feature to be very helpful because nothing falls out especially when moving  (no lost jewelry). I bought mine from Marshall's but here & here are similar  A scarf hanger is also a must have. These don't hang as flat as jewelry holders do but I've found its the perfect way to store scarves. You can get it here! (Both of these are under $10!) 
These both are good to have for security reasons too, there could be a lot of people coming in and out of your room so it just limits the chances of your stuff "disappearing" if your valuables are stored away in your closet.

3. Get a Calendar - Planning out your time is essential for success in college and an easy way to help plan is getting a calendar (& using it!). I use an agenda but I think having a hanging agenda or calendar is a really cute idea! I love this DIY one, you buy the frame from Target then use scrapbooking paper to fill the frames. My roommate just made her version of this for our room so I'm excited to see if we'll use it!

4. Organize Your Desk- Having your work space be uncluttered will help you be a more productive worker and keep your desk looking nice. Office supplies are small so its nice to organize them in little boxes or with trays inside the drawer so that everything has its place and your drawer doesn't turn into a free for all. Also you're probably going to do more than study at your desk so eliminating clutter on your desk top will help your room as a whole look more clean. The drawers are a DIY from cereal boxes directions are here.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rush Week: Outfits!

Hey Everyone! So for those of you who rush in the Fall it's either already here or coming very soon! Rush for my school is in the Spring but it is never to early to start planning! I want to talk about outfits for Rush Week! Every school is a little different but most have about 4 to 7 days for Rush! I've compiled a couple youtube videos and other posts about what to wear during Rush. I would try to look at a couple videos or posts just to get a better idea and see what other people wore each day.

Outfit Examples:
  1. Fancy Rush Make-Up
 Good Luck!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cute, Good Quality, & Inexpensive... What more do you want?!

To start off I must admit that I may be developing an online shopping problem. But I'm going to share my favorite place to blow all my money! Lulu's. Many of you may have heard of it or seen its adds before but it is the greatest thing. They have tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and my favorite, dresses. I love the clothes on Lulu's but the reasons why I love it so much are the prices and how easy it is to use.

While their prices do range from $20 to $200 most dresses are $30 to $50 and are very good quality. They have trendy shoes that are really good deals. Also their inventory is massive. There's so much to choose from.

It is so easy to navigate their site. I get very frustrated with similar store's website (Forever 21 for example) because its so poorly organized, the categories are too broad or their clothes don't fit into the categories. Lulu's categorizes a bunch of different ways, for example if you were looking for a green formal dress or a short color blocked dress, you can find it so easily rather than having to scroll through hundreds of dresses that aren't what you're looking for. There are reviews from others who bought the dress that I've found very helpful. Also, the measurements are clearly listed which is necessary for me since I'm so tall (some dresses fit me like shirts).

Use if for Game Day dresses!

Here are some of my fave dresses from Lulus for under $50!